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Why video-conferencing?

In the 21st century, longer airport lines, higher gas prices, more traffic jams and the flattening world have introduced tougher challenges for business people and professionals.

Because of competition from larger players in their industry, the small and medium sized firms' "reach" unfortunately often exceeds their grasp as distant markets are identified.

How to interview multiple candidates without paying for airfare or lodging?

How to depose a witness who is out of state or out of the country?

How to mediate a matter involving parties in different geographic locations?

How to make a simultaneous sales call or demonstration to prospects in different locations?

How to present a witness or party who cannot attend your arbitration hearing?

How to lecture to a class of students a half-world away?

How to cut (or even eliminate) your travel budget?

How to have a family life while spending time on the "road"?

In other words: how to be in two or more places at once?

We understand these challenges, because we have lived them.

But, now we can address them for you and get you home in time for dinner.

If the additional time in the comfort of your home doesn't do it, then
our trend-setting technology, our modern studio and facilities, the absent
"hassle factor," and the cost savings will convince you that attending
our videoconference session was "better than being there."




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