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Why IP?

We are big believers in the superiority of Internet Protocol, also known as the "IP" or "H.323" standard over the old ISDN standard.

IP is superior to ISDN because it is vastly less expensive but just as reliable (99%+) as ISDN.

ISDN videoconferences rely on telephone lines, sometimes up to three or four at a time. Do the math. An overseas ISDN teleconference that lasts several hours can therefore push the costs for a single videoconference into the thousands of dollars.

But a typical IP videoconference will cost under $200 per hour per location—no matter where in the world the participants may be, and no matter how many participants there are.

While image quality will generally vary from that of ISDN depending on bandwidth issues, everyone using our facilities has agreed that the clarity and resolution of our broadcasts is the best available using the IP protocol and comparable to ISDN—which is pretty darn good. (With our VTX 1000 unit at your disposal, the accoustic quality of your session will also surpass that of ISDN.)

IP protocol has another advantage over ISDN because it can be used to broadcast images and data with much more facility. This is known as "combined data collaboration." For instance, you can transmit a Power Point slideshow on one of your audience's monitors, while you continue to videoconference on another. (Don't even think about doing this with ISDN.)

We also can easily deploy our own in-house multipoint service to link up to four different locations at once—a graceful act of videoconferencing acrobatics that leaves ISDN providers tripping all over themselves. (And let's not even get started on the subject of web broadcasting from our studio.)

Finally, ISDN is going extinct. Rumor has it that new ISDN lines are no longer being installed by the major telephone service providers. New participants in videoconferencing are using IP almost exclusively.

As for a comparison with Skype (there is none), please see our FAQs page.

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