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13 September 2006 --- Atlanta extends its reach to Algeria
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"I used Video Handshake to take depositions of two defendants in Philadelphia [from VideoHandshake's studio in Atlanta]. I had no idea what to expect .... The Video Handshake team was very professional, answered all my questions, arranged for the remote-location in Philadelphia, and was attentive and helpful throughout the whole process. The actual video conference worked exceptionally well, too. Video Handshake is not some cheap-web-cam operation. They have invested in technology that makes a video conference conducted at their studio almost as good as being at the remote site in person. If you can't be there in person, Video Handshake is the next best thing. I would, without question, use them again."
Marc B. Hershovitz, Marc B. Hershovitz, P.C.
"I used [VideoHandshake's] facilities to do a use-at-trial video deposition of a physician expert witness in Los Angeles.
There were 3 opposing counsel.
The system worked great, including the document camera -- even lawyers were able to show documents to the witness without any difficulty. [VideoHandshake's] staff was helpful, and the deposition was completed flawlessly."
• Joseph H. King, Jr.
Joseph H. King, Jr., P.C.
2852 Piedmont Road, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30305
Cell: 678-576-7738
Fax: 404-949-0260
"VideoHandshake provides excellent Video Conferencing services. The professional staff schedules all the remote sites at convenient locations for all parties involved. As a court reporter the sound quality of all deposition settings is extremely important. The video quality was excellent, but even more so the sound clarity provided by VideoHandshake was exceptional allowing me to take down the testimony with the same accuracy as a traditional face to face deposition setting. I could clearly understand and hear all the remote parties as if they were physically in the same room with me. I highly recommend VideHandshake to any professional needing to schedule a video conference."
• Kellie K. Rodman, CCR, CVR
Certified Court Reporter
"I had to use three different video services in three parts of the US . By far Videohandshake was the most professional of them all -- excellent communication with the client from beginning to the end of the entire process --also the most reasonable in cost. Enjoy working with Jonathan."

• Grizel Ubarry, President
G. Ubarry Inc
676 Longview Road
South Orange, NJ 07079
Tel: 973 762 1888
Cell: 201 207 7014
Fax: 973 762 6011
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